It’s time for a revolution.

It’s time to level the playing field at the local and regional levels. Traditional credit unions must evolve into institutions that leverage disruptive marketing strategies to increase member value and more effectively compete against big banks. These institutions escape commoditization by promoting unique, bilateral value that strengthens the bonds with their members. CU Rocket is leading this movement with the only comprehensive marketing framework for attracting, converting, and delighting credit union members in the exponential economy.




Marketing Strategy

Combine proven tactics and your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan.

Website Design/Build

Merge optimum user experience, big-brand design quality, and agile platforms.

Content Marketing

Leverage our high-converting gated offers, blog posts, and lead funnels.

Social Media Management

Be as hands-off as desired with our managed engagement services.


Push meaningful levels of traffic through an optimized customer journey.

CRM + Marketing Automation

Nurture leads and members through AI- and human-controlled datapoints.

Community Programs

Play the long game with "future-member" youth nurturing campaigns.

Reputation Enhancement

Dramatically impact SEO and audience perception through web, mobile and offline.

Mobile Strategy

Provide the cutting-edge, 24x7 virtual branch that today's members want.

  • "The newest information is that we can close the loop and see that at least 5% of our business wouldn’t have happened without inbound marketing. These leads never would have found us otherwise. And it's growing. This has been just icing on the cake, bringing in more leads and being able to actually measure them."

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  • "Without this new source of prospects, our ability to grow would have been limited mainly to traditional media, which is effective, but significantly more expensive. CU Rocket understands how to attract future members and move them along a path that builds trust and, ultimately, longer-term relationships - without huge budgets."

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  • "The results of this program are so positive after only a few months that we've added a live feed of our reviews to the website. While it's difficult to directly attribute the increase in web-based leads to our improved online reputation, it almost certainly is a contributing factor."

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  • "The results of our Facebook sweepstakes exceeded our expectations. Not only did we initially expect a lower total number of likes, but we hadn't originally considered the value of simultaneously building our email list. This recommendation by the CU Rocket team probably provided more overall potential for our ongoing marketing efforts than the Facebook likes and is a testament to the expertise of their team."

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