Inbound Marketing


This lender had a traditional marketing strategy revolving around direct mail and traditional ads. They knew they were leaving money on the table without a strong online strategy and they weren’t really measuring their marketing results. They needed a way to complement their relationship-based methodology with a digital presence and newer tools to track results.


Before implementation, this client had trouble even measuring its website activity. In the first month on our platform, they had 1,200 website visitors. Using inbound tactics, their monthly traffic was 2.1x higher after 6 months, 3.8x higher after 1 year, and 16.6x higher after 2 years. They have seen as many as 60,000 website visitors in particularly strong months!

They also grew the number of monthly leads coming from their website by 20.1x after 6 months on-platform, 51.7x after 1 year, and 90.7x after 2 years. These numbers can be directly attributed to their bottom line.

"The newest information is that we can close the loop and see that at least 5% of our business wouldn’t have happened without inbound marketing. These leads never would have found us otherwise. And it's growing. This has been just icing on the cake, bringing in more leads that we didn't have before and being able to actually measure them."

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