Lead Generation


CU Rocket's solutions focus on two areas: attracting new members and delighting existing members. In an effort to address the former for a new client in the credit union space, we implemented a plan to generate leads through the web.


CU Rocket looks for every way to leverage and activate marketing assets such as leads lists. In this case, we began by creating a lead magnet targeted at our key member avatar.

In just over 3 weeks, we had generated nearly 500 new leads. Because these were marketing-qualified leads (not sales-qualified), we wouldn't just prompt each one to become a member. Instead, we implemented a comprehensive nurturing campaign that spanned social media, email, and the website.

An automated email drip campaign continues to provide contextual value to each lead as he/she is moved through the funnel workflow. And by using the growing lead list to create a Facebook custom audience and leveraging the Facebook Pixel, we're able to build powerful retargeting ad campaigns that support our member's journey through the conversion stage.

"Without this new source of prospects, our ability to grow would have been limited mainly to traditional media, which tends to be effective, but significantly more expensive. CU Rocket understands how to attract future members and move them along a path that builds trust and, ultimately, longer-term relationships - without huge budgets."

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