Reputation Enhancement


Today, a credit union's online reputation is more important than ever. Not only does it play a critical role in a future-member's decision making process, but ratings and reviews are also an important factor in search engine (SEO) optimization for the website.

A 6-branch client in Florida had a challenge: their online reputation with ratings and reviews on major sites wasn't staying competitive.


CU Rocket's reputation management platform was set up to collect and promote more reviews from current and past members. The objectives in this engagement included:

  • Collecting as much feedback (positive, negative and neutral) from members as possible
  • Helping the client address issues to improve service
  • Promoting positive feedback through the major review websites

By leveraging our customized reputation platform, we were able to nurture the client's existing member email list to more than double the total number of online reviews within 2 months. More importantly, none of the new reviews was less than 4 stars (out of 5). The reason for this is CU Rocket's unique method of collecting all feedback but only promoting the most positive to the public directories.

Within 3 months, we had increased the total average rating to 4.92 across all 6 branches.

After the member email list was exhausted, CU Rocket worked with management to implement ongoing tactics to generate additional reviews. These tactics included everything from prompts in email signatures and QR codes at the point-of-sale to training of front-office staff on the use of mobile/SMS-based requests when speaking with members.

"The results of this program are so positive after only a few months that we've added a live feed of our reviews to the website. While it's difficult to directly attribute the increase in web-based leads to our improved online reputation, it almost certainly is a contributing factor."

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