Our Philosophy

On Branding

Every credit union has a fingerprint—a one-of-a-kind identity that tells its story. One that attracts like-minded people when illustrated effectively. And one that becomes ineffective if communicated as outdated value propositions told through abandoned channels. The younger generations that represent your future membership are motivated to contribute as much as they take. Is your narrative evolved enough to resonate?

On Strategy

Trifold flyers, the Yellow Pages, and "spray-and-pray" marketing are tactics of the past. Two-thirds of consumers now select their financial products and services online. It’s time to fully embrace digital: localized campaigns, social media, and reputation management are the new foundation of financial marketing. Even newer are the methods employed to track your marketing spend, measure your KPIs and track the ROI on every penny.

On Advertising

Creativity trumps big budgets almost every time. It’s about leverage, determination and traction. Using natural resources like heart and minds, and giving members a good, old-fashioned sense of belonging—instead of effectively reducing them (and your perceived value proposition) to nothing more than a number. Listen to your members collectively, engage with them individually and your campaigns will write themselves.